German Games and Contests with prizes—all games will be both days
Stein Holding: Who can hold a full stein in each hand the longest?
Stein Spree: who can keep the most ounces in their stein and finish the race first?
Beers and Balloons: chug  your beer and blow up your balloons first!
King & Queen of the Keg: Be there at 1pm for a chance to be crowned King and Queen for the Day
German Sherman: be the first to say the german word correctly


Weekend Fun Activities

Live Music

Food Trucks with German and American Menus

Giant Jenga

Daytime Cornhole Tournaments/Nighttime pumpkin glow ring toss tournament

Nightime Bonfires

Classic German Games & Contests


Kinder Korner

Yard Twister

Gaga Ball

pumpkin ring toss

giant kerplunk

pumpkin run




$100 Cash prize for each tournament

Saturday, 1pm-4pm

Sunday, 1pm-4pm

More Info Soon


Glow Ring toss

Saturday, 7pm-10pm

Sunday, 6pm-9pm

More Info Soon